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About Screenlace

Here are some answers to questions you may have about Screenlace:

What is Screenlace?

Screenlace is a blog that uncovers the stories of successful YouTubers and makes them accessible to everyone. There’s a ton of interviews/YouTube growth content but seeing advice that actually worked for successful YouTubers is invaluable.

Screenlace is for newer YouTubers or people interested in pursuing YouTube but would feel more confident if they saw how others did it.

Who’s behind Screenlace?

Me (Aseem Thakar)! I’m an ex-software engineer who was keen on starting a YouTube channel. I saw that there wasn’t much content documenting the real success stories of YouTubers who’d made it (apart from shallow interviews with constantly repeated advice). So I decided to create Screenlace to learn and share more about becoming a successful YouTuber from people who’d actually succeeded at it.

I’ve run Screenlace single-handedly since July 2022. You can learn more about me on my personal website

How can I get my YouTube channel featured on Screenlace?

You can request a feature/find out more on the Contribute page.

Check out the Sponsor Us page for more info.

Where else can I keep up with Screenlace?

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Screenlace’s content may include affiliate links. When clicked, Screenlace may receive a commission from the linked party in exchange for recommending their product/services. There is no cost to you for clicking/purchasing from a Screenlace link; it just helps Screenlace make money and keep running!